Looking for quality constructor for your next HYDRO project?

Francis turbines

supplies two basic types of Francis turbines, vertical and horizontal, both with spiral casing.

Pelton Turbines

supplies two basic types of Pelton turbines, vertical (with 4-6 nozzles) and horizontal with 1-2 nozzles).

Kaplan Turbines

Kaplan Turbines are impeller-turbines, where the runner turns in the water flow like a ship´s propeller.

Who We Are


A Tradition Of Excellence

HYDRO-TINCK is a leader in design and manufacturing of turbines and related  components for the small hydro industry. Our capabilities include engineering, manufacturing, installation, repair, refurbishment and maintenance of Kaplan, Propeller, Francis and Pelton turbines up to 1 MW.

Our mission

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and company mission, together with increasing the long-term profitability by high quality services and products designed and manufactured with the use of advanced technology, as well as to become the preferred supplier in all of our targeted markets..